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did the ball hit ginn on the punt

Originally posted by SFrush:
Originally posted by kray28:
It didn't.

But he's a moron for even being close to it.


+2 Isn't it taught in high school to get away from the ball?
No it did not.

But what in the world are all our guys doing this for year after year? Did they not learn anything from last year? They make the same mistakes over and over. And it's more than 1 guy doing it. Who the hell is teaching this stuff to them? Run up to a bouncing ball in the rain and wind and get really, really close so the ref and replay has to make a call.....
It was very close, but there was an angle in particular that clearly showed it never touched him.

I was so pissed when he did that though. Its like a retarded moth to a flame. He witnessed Kyle Williams get CRUCIFIED for that mistake last year, yet he cant help himself from running up to the bounding ball and trying to pick it up.

I will never understand the mental errors some NFL players make over and over. It should be engrained in his mind by now that when the ball is coming towards him, unless its falling directly into his arms, GTFO of the way! DIVE away like its a grenade if you must. DONT run at it and try to dive on it or pick it up.

Hes a professional punt returner. a veteran punt returner! Its like he just cant resist the urge to try and return the ball on almost every chance. If I was Harbaugh, id tell him "Look Ted, the chances of you breaking a punt return arent good enough for the risk we endure every time you attempt one. Just call for a fair catch, or run forward and let the ball bounce into the endzone. EVERY TIME."

Its just not worth the risk. secure the possession your D worked hard to get you. The odds of you costing your team a huge momentum changing play are much, much greater than the odds of you breaking a TD.
Originally posted by NinerGod:

No it didn't.
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Originally posted by kray28:
It didn't.

But he's a moron for even being close to it.

Yeah, he's really starting to get on my nerves. He's really lucky he doesn't lose his job with his latest bonehead plays.
It was much closer on the replay than it looked live. Pats fans were upset but he did not touch it.
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I say f**k it... let's have no one return punts. Just let that s**t bounce and get the hell away lol.
No. One camera angle showed the ball didn't touch his foot, another showed it did not touch his hand. Pretty cut-and-dry, really.
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No I watched it on the computer and even though it was grainy as hell they had a super zoomed version on that clearly showed space between his leg and the ball and his hand and the ball as well.

Complete moron for it though. He went all Kyle Williams @ NFCCG on us.

We're definitely letting Ginn walk this spring.

Originally posted by hofer36:
it was ironic this was ed hoculi and his crew--they had the nfccg where a similar play occurred -like last year the ball seemed to take a new direction as it passed ginn but i think it was the bounce of the ball==was the williams play last year any more definitive?

Last year it was obvious in replays that the ball hit Williams, this wasn't the same clarity...didn't seem to hit him from any of the angles they showed. But if the ref had ruled it hit him there might not have been conclusive evidence to overrule the call.
No, the different angles showed that it didn't hit him. Though i did get a flashback of Kyle Williams letting the ball hit his knee.
I felt that from one of the angles, you could see that it clearly didn't touch his hand. From a completely different angle, you could see that it clearly didn't touch his cleat. The officiating crew got it correct, but I am still a bit confused as to the, uh, confusion.
Originally posted by BrianGO:
Originally posted by kray28:
It didn't.

But he's a moron for even being close to it.

its pretty damn clear that it didn't. watch one angle and it looks like it grazed his leg...but watch another angle at that same point in time and u can clearly see space between his leg and the ball. another angle looks like his hand touches it, but in another u can clearly see that the ball passes behind his hand.
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