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Offense is on same trend as last season

One more thing about out offense ..... Fix our damn 3rd down conversion percentage....come on man!

If I see a 5 yard route ran when it's 3rd and 8+ Im going to throw something at the T.V.
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Originally posted by mayo49:
Originally posted by 49erLegacy:
I blame Kap for not being aware of the clock and misusing the timeouts, besides that, I can't blame him for much else. The offensive playcalling has been awful and similar to when AS was under center. What is the point of having Kap in, if he will not be used properly, except for the option reads.
It seems that the team has not adjusted to the QB change and still game plan the same as they did for AS.

What else do you expect? We still have the same recievers that Alex had. They're all possession receivers, though AJ is probably are only downfield threat. I don't consider Moss that threat anymore. In football you can only do two things, either run the ball or throw it, and we're primarily a running team.

I agree with the play calling being so crappy.No matter whose been under center .It just seems like Roman never designs the offense to utilize all the talent , and keep a defense guessing. I can't tell why the receivers aren't getting separation if its route running or something thats disrupting the timing make the in time game adjustment!!. Picks, WR screens, hook routes, spread them out,,create mis-matches, do something cause if a D shuts down Crabtree..then what?? More sacks? I can"t help but wonder why VD isn't involved more? I'm also not sure how much Moss really helps our offense either,,he doesn't pose a treat anymore and allows the opposing D to set up shop and t-off on someone else. As a running team the niners are decent and should be great and dominating .But against a strong front 7 they struggle because the play calling at times seems so vanilla ,
Regardless it great to see the niners winning! Plus everything looks easy from my couch .and I'm not complaining ,just with the playoffs a breath away we all know teams have to bring they're A game or go home.and just like all of us I want to see the 9ers bring home number 6..
Originally posted by DONBIS:
Originally posted by JustinNiner:
Originally posted by DONBIS:
Stop crying you baby crier.

I was going to make a thread on how pumped I am about the future of this team, the speed that will be on offense, the new stadium, the arse kickin young defense, the majority of playmakers inked for years and so on. Decided not to , but you thought this would be cool. To whine. To make a list of whines. I like how poeple think its so easy.

O s**t and the team won by 2 TD's

its a good post man. we do have a really bright future but this post is about our current situation and yes we are on the same trend as last year and that trend lost us a superbowl appearance.

did you not see our 3rd down efficiency today against the 19th ranked defense? did you not see VD have another non existent game? did you not see conservative play calling causing a close game against a team we should of been killing? we have problems on offense

and yea we won by 2 TDs but it could have easily went to OT if our defense didnt stop them on the drive before Kap's TD run.

but gore is still running good but he did break down last yr in the playoffs so we need to still keep monitoring his health and keep him fresh

It's not a good post. The current situation is these 9ers are 9-3-1 and have been winning since this coaching staff has showed up. It seems like you and him want every thing to run and operate perfectly every game but that just doesn't happen all the time.

Yea, I seen some of those cituations you're talking about, but I also seen the Fins converting on offense and keeping the 9ers O on the sidelines. I also saw Gore and the RB's having a solid day, Dixon had a rushing TD, Crabtree had a good day, James made an appearance, Kaep did ok and the o-line had trouble with Wake and their pass rush. It seems like they felt they didn't have the time to go deep even if they wanted to.

I don't know man but i'm over it. It was just something about this post that didn't sit right with me, I mean I could understand if he was gonna walk it over and put this on Harbaugh's desk or mail it in to them, but it just seems unneccessary on here right now. There's nothing as fans we can do about it.

I browse through looking for informative reads and this just wasn't one of them.

i get where your coming from man
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