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Soap gotta go...

So-and-so's-gotta-go threads gotta go.
Originally posted by GolittaCamper:
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Originally posted by GolittaCamper:
We seemed to be in the nickel a lot, and seems to expose Soap to more than he can handle. We had 4 guys with hands in the dirt often, but they were the Smiths, Soap, and Mr. Brooks. That for those who care are two linemen, and two backers, with Willis, and Bowmen behind them. This left us with no push up the middle, and Soap looking weak.
Soap rarely plays when we are in the nickel. I think you are mistaking him for Mcdonald. Soap normally just plays in the base defense.

He was rotating in, we played so much nickel today, and you can see why he doesn't play much nickel!
Ah, so then we really agree. Since he is a nose tackle and not a 4-3 tackle he really isn't the problem. The problem is we don't have enought 4-3 type tackles.
Two different positions, 2 different responsibilities and I agree he isn't a 4-3 type tackle. He is too slow and not agile enough. But as a plugger type nose tackle he plays well. Since there are a number of good NT in the upcoming draft and given that he is 30 I don't see us resigning him.
Big ice is solid.. strong and athletic for his size.. and RJF and Dobbs are both garbage so I dont see how we can afford to not re-sign him unless we draft a DT or sign a FA.
RJF is being groomed to fill in and not replace Soap.

He's not good enough yet.

We will be drafting a NT, IMO, in the early rounds.
According to a CSN article, here's the number of plays defensive players were on the field for:

Defensive play time Includes plays nullified by penalty
61 (100%) -- LB Patrick Willis, S Dashon Goldson, CB Tarell Brown, LB NaVorro Bowman, CB Carlos Rogers, S Donte Whitner
59 (97%) -- OLB Aldon Smith, OLB Ahmad Brooks, DT Ray McDonald
53 (87%) -- DT Justin Smith
43 (70%) -- CB Chris Culliver
15 (25%) -- NT Isaac Sopoaga
8 (13%) -- DT Ricky Jean Francois
3 (5%) -- DT Demarcus Dobbs
2 (3%) -- CB Perrish Cox, OLB Clark Haggans, DT Will Tukuafu

Soap didn't get much playing time yesterday. I was unable to watch the game so I can't comment on how he played.
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