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These next 2 weeks........

If GB loses today or next week @ Chi, all we need is 1-1 in the next 2 games. We'll then be able to finish 11-4-1 with a win vs Arizona and have the #2 seed.

We're in great position right now. Just need ONE of the next two.
Last season NE was a mirage even though they were in the SB. I think we run right through them. Their scoring will be very slow, short passes to Welker and dink and dunk. Seattle is another matter, will their QB come back to earth? Toughest place to play in the NFL. Playoffs start next week.
If we beat the Pats, it will make the Seattle game less stressful.
We have to contain Welker, players like him chew our defense up...
We have to win out.... Get the bye and gain some momentum going into January....
Originally posted by TexasGuero49:
We have to contain Welker, players like him chew our defense up...

Completely agree. Carlos Rogers has been having a hard time against small, quick receivers.
Originally posted by smithgdwg:
I have a feeling we will be underdogs in both of them.

That's OK. Most of the so-called experts pick Dallas to win every year.
I think we have a better chance to win next week then when we play Seattle in 2 weeks
s**t just got real
I don't worry about a game until the 9ers are actually down by two scores in said game.

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Win win win!
If we lose it will be against the Pats but I hope we go into New England and hand them there A$$e$. I can't stand the Patriots....
Originally posted by FL9er:

love the reference

"s**t just got real" indeed
Originally posted by paperplanemedia:
Carlos Rogers said it best, "We need to start fast or we'll get BLOWED out.". 2/10 on 3rd down at home? We can't expect to win doing that on the road!

So, like me, I guess he doesn't have any confidence on being able to stop Welker
If we win this week the division is pretty much clinched. We won't lose to AZ
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