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Brandon Jacobs Suspended (per twitter)

Matt Maiocco just confirmed
Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
See ya later ya dick!

ya bishh
I hope some s**t team picks him up and not a playoff contender....
I won't be surprised at all if this is confirmed. Harbaugh has already shown that he will not tolerate anything like the way Jacobs has been behaving. It's just too bad Jacobs didn't understand that he was insurance and nothing more.
Too bad. He got what he wanted in the end. I would have kept him inactive for the year and made him rot.. I just hope a playoff team doesnt pick him up.
Eric Branch just twitted that he has been released. Hope the Giants pick him up and then we beat them in the playoffs!! Sucka!
Cut him as we are walking off the field after we beat the giants. Take his playbook and sit him until then. What a tool!
"Eric Branch @Eric_Branch (twitter) RT @KyleBonagura: Source: Brandon Jacobs is no longer with the#49ers." (not confirmed)

please tell me this is true... the guy was starting to really show as a cancer on our team
good, bring back Bahktiari

Originally posted by glorydayz:
I would keep him on the bench, cut him after the season. This way he doesn't give our offense to the Giants or whatever new team he goes to.

He could do that least now he won't have the game plan.
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It's OFFICIAL: Brandon Jacobs not with the 49ers anymore (Matt Maiacco confirmed)


Corresponding roster move known yet?
Originally posted by Jakemall:
He could do that least now he won't have the game plan.

lol as if our gameplan isnt hard to kinda guess... we are pretty easy to figure out what we do is challenge everyone to stop us some how
Makes sense to cut him actually, keeping him on the team and deactivating him only makes the dude more bitter, which only leads to more negative tweets, which then leads to more ?s for Harbaugh, which then becomes a distraction for a coach and the team trying to focus on a superbowl.
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