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Could we be on Sunday night back to back?

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Originally posted by Disp:
Probably either us or Ravens/Giants gets flexed. The latter probably has a larger national draw though so I bet it gets flexed.

Ravens/Giants will get flexed over us...bigger markets, better ratings etc.

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Originally posted by Schulzy:
NYG/BAL and CIN/PIT were both protected by FOX and CBS respectively. They're not gonna keep Jets-Chargers. I think them flexing NO-DAL is more likely but that will depend on how NO and DAL do this week. If the game lacks playoff implications, it won't matter if it's the Cowboys.

Still doubt SF-SEA gets flexed though.

Cowboys won but Saints lost. When will they announce this!
I see five other contenders for the SNF spot (in order of likelihood):

1. Ravens-Giants - Playoff implications for both teams
2. Vikings-Texans - Playoff implications for Minnesota / seeding implications for Texans if NE beats them tomorrow.
3. Bucs-Rams - If both win next week, this game could have playoff implications for both teams.
4. Redskins-Eagles - Playoff implications for Washington, division rivalry game, exciting rookie for Philly playing.
5. Cowboys-Saints - Playoff implications for Dallas

They will not do Steelers-Bengals. Why? They already played them on SNF this year. They won't do it twice.
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Niners @ Seattle has been flexed to Sunday night
Originally posted by LisaTwelve:
Niners @ Seattle has been flexed to Sunday night

And now I'll be able to watch it at my parent's house!
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Mike Sando, ‏@espn_nfcwest

NFL announces 49ers-Seahawks game in Week 16 has been flexed to prime time on NBC.
Original poster here..Called it!

pumped up! 2 games on sunday night...playoff atmostpheres..can't wait
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