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What if the Packer/Seahawks non-catch/ref debacle costs us the div???

Originally posted by Chico:
We have one more game against the chickenhawks! I'm more worried about losing that one than anything else. If we lose that game, we don't deserve the playoffs this year!

? I'd say that about the Rams games. Winning in Seattle is not an easy task for any team.
We're still 1.5 games ahead in the division. We control our own fate. If we lose the division it won't be because of that miscall. It will be because we simply didn't take care of business when we needed to late in the year.
Good thread ! I think it in our hands. Were in the drivers seat........NO EXCUSE ! Nice to be in first at this time of the year.........GO9ERS!
Originally posted by NCommand:
Then it's our own fault for blowing games we should have won. No excuses.

This. We should not be in this situation anyways. There has been some crazy $h!t going on this year, not crazy good either!
Originally posted by NCommand:
Then it's our own fault for blowing games we should have won. No excuses.

We are 10 - 2 if Akers can hit his FG's.
Crazy as it may seem that's possible now. But the other thing is it stacked a loss on GB. And we are also fighting GB potentially for the #2 seed. Right now we have a 1/2 game lead on them. Without the Seattle game they would be ahead. So if we can win out it may actually help us. That GB has another loss. You don't want to go into Lambeau in January.
It would suck but I dont think the Niners can blame losing the division on anything other than themselves if it doesnt happen. They have control in their own hands now. Win 3 games and the division is theirs.
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Look at the other side though. The reason we have the #2 seed and not #3 right now is because of that call. Too soon to know if it'll end up being beneficial or detrimental for us. The only thing we know for certain is it will definitely impact playoff seeding regardless.
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Originally posted by paperplanemedia:
Originally posted by NYCNINER:
Got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that we gonna get the worst of that disaster!!!

If we would've beat the Rams twice it wouldn't be as much of a factor as it is now.

F*****N AKERS!!!
Never fear, Shermand annd Browner will be suspended for their game,

They will be easier to beat.

Hey, we're only a half game ahead of Green Bay now. We'd be behind if they had won that game. Better we take care of business in our own division and try to keep the two seed with the bye.
me ==> <== Goodell
If we can't beat Seattle in three weeks, we don't deserve the division.
Bring it on. The team is going to face the best, just get to the dance relatively healthy and let the chips fall where they may. In these last games we need some signature statements.
Originally posted by pdizo916:
We deserve to lose

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