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Good point Y2R re: the state of offense at this juncture. My point was re: overall talent compared to the Pats. I'd say we come pretty close to equal talent on most positions but 13 points is all we can muster...23 at most?

But as to your points re: match ups, some teams (Vikings, Rams, Giants, Hawks, etc.) just match up better with us. We get that...

But that doesn't excuse a game plan that can't get the ball in the hands of VD (like we did against the Bears, early and often), or only taking one deep shot all day long, or running into a brick wall, a screen pass, more slants, a post pattern, etc. Use the WCO principles of deep WR, to TE to RB/FB for the check-downs. Our perpetual offense designed to target one primary receiver (see post #217 as in the Roman is a mad scientist thread) as an example. The point here is that we don't seem to be tailoring our play calling to our strengths, are too conservative (and cute), appear to be coaching down the QB's, have little, if any situational awareness, don't target or exploit mismatches, etc. We are 1.75 years into this offense and by now, we should be seeing MUCH better game planning, in-game adjustments, and much more production no matter who's at the QB helm. Period.

I cringe every time a cute play works, because that seems to give the coaches the idea that they should come up with more of them as part of the normal flow of the offense.

When we threw those passes to Staley and Soap last year, it was cute, but that's all it was. We could have easily gotten those same yards by throwing it to our normal players. Now, if those plays go all the way for touchdowns, because the defense is so darn confused, that is a different story; but they don't, the cute plays net us a regular amount of yards that we can get with the normal offense.

The option plays are actually pretty good, the problem in the last game, was obviously the timing of it. They should only be used in "comfortable" situations. On the road, with 3 min to go, backed up to your own endzone, up by a score, was the worst imaginable time to use it.
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