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What is the cause for all the penalties??

What is the cause for all the penalties??

I think this is the BIGGEST concern for this team. 10 yard holding penalties are drive killers! And they seem to happen at the most inopportune times this year. How does this get corrected??
I think everyone is wondering the same thing? Harbaugh preaches fundamentals and teaching about doing the little things right and this is why the penaties are starting to piss me off. We're supposed to be a disciplined team and some weeks we are. Other weeks not so much.

There are numerous "detail" issues that I wish Harbaugh would address and I'm sure he has. The way Kaep carries the ball for one! Obviously they see it with all the film study, yet each week he's holding the ball out 2 feet from his body with one arm and sometimes has nothing more than just a hand on it. Recipe for disaster and needs to be corrected along with all the penalties.
Harbaugh abuses the refs so they hate us.
It's a combo of bad technique, and players not being good enough. The oline is holding guys b/c they are getting beat.
Stupid playcalling is responsible for a lot of it, over the past couple of weeks I've seen guys lining up in the wrong spots, holding and false starts on additional blockers brought into the wacky, jumbo formations, I think the players on the 49ers are the only ones who are getting put off-balance by this offensive playcalling.
Originally posted by lamontb:
It's a combo of bad technique, and players not being good enough. The oline is holding guys b/c they are getting beat.

I think it's a combination of the oline being bad and Kap extending plays which requires the oline to block longer. Goodwin has been notorious for holding this season.. It may be time for a change next season.
I find the main issue lies with the DUMB holding penalties. This type of holding (blatant and just plain stupid) alerts the refs and they'll start calling holding closer.

This sucks because it only works on one team. The other team is committing the same minor holding penalties but are not getting called because they are staying away from the flat out tackling and grabbing issues.

Coaching is part of it but honestly, I think the O-line believes they're just that awesome and they get sloppy.

Last game, the line didn't bother showing up........ Same with the 49ers offensive coordinator. Both took a mental vacation for a couple of hours on Sunday.
I think it's a combo of technique and coaching.
Harbaugh has lost the locker room
forget to work on fundamentals this year

Originally posted by monsterzero789:
Harbaugh has lost the locker room

That must be it.
Gotta go with the refs on this one we did however have some bads calls against us Sunday.
Haha i voted for the refs....ftw GO NINERS looks like we gotta do it ourselves....
Because our O-Line is playing like absolute garbage, ruining huge plays on holding calls, Goodwin can't snap when QB is in shotgun, more holding calls, and Joe Staley and others being highly overrated by fans and media
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its been this way all year long in regards to pass protection.. i will give you the bears and the saints where they were good but thats it.. we sucked last year in this area, they did nothing but draft a kid with a busted foot to fix it and its the same thing this year.
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