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The Official " things you arent sure you should say" Thread

Jim Harbaugh isnt our savior

Alex Smith was

ps. lock it if you want but there are serious urges people have to get things off there chest that maybe are premature

At first it seemed that Jim Harbaugh was maybe the best thing that ever happened to us and now It is starting to look as if he is making the worst decision of our franchise. Seriously. Maybe we arent looking at the QB controversy serious enough.2 Alex Smith should not have been Benched.3 Forget what he did before. if you watch him play he really looks like an elite QB maybe not consistenetly but he has letme correct had a good confidence about him. I understand the concept of throwing in a beginner and letting him live and learn. there will be bumps and bruises. but IT IS NOT THE TIME. IT ISNT. Watch the Rams game. whoa whoa whoa wait a min watch the saints and bears game NO Just watch the Rams GAME. 4 ALEX SMITH DOESNT DESEREVE THIS ok now lock it
Ok........ watch the Giants game.. Get back to me.
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lol wtf
free thread.
Ok and Jim blamed himself then too didnt he..just like yesterday
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did you just say 'pss' lmao
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Originally posted by Garcia:
did you just say 'pss' lmao

its like "ps part 2"

no i was saying pss like to get your attention
Cant believe this has lasted almost 15 minutes.
Its funny that talk of alex smith being the man and a serious ? in our coaching gets sh*t on but who deserves an egg in the face stays relevant kiss my A@#@#
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