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Missing Element from QB conversation - PASSION

Really? Hell No I was fist pumpin & throwin F bombs at Rams fans 2!
Stay classy Norwalks_Best.
This is a man who doesn't have time to bleed!

And yes I know it wasn't taken off during the game
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Originally posted by amigoj49:
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
I'd say passion is what Alex has always been missing. He's a tough SOB, but he's always lacked that fire. the fire that is very apparent in CK.

Drive after Drive, answering Drew Brees... You didn't see that passion? C'mon man!


Troy Smith had passion
Last week, our losers lost their leader. It was as if the head of a leader was chopped off. We had lost our IDENTITY. Colin and Harbaugh do NOT know all that we had endured before their arrival. Even as fans, how we were ridiculed by the world for being a Niners' faithful. All the tough defeats that our team endured during those sad and pathetic years. YOU CAN'T MEASURE THAT PASSION. ALEX HAS THAT PASSION. ALEX CAN LEAD US TO OUR PROMISED LAND. LET THE PHOENIX RISE. LET OUR PHOENIX RISE!
Amigoj49 nailed it. Alex deserves to run this team right now - he does have passion. He's earned it.
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Originally posted by amigoj49:
Alex has dies many times over. He no longer is scared of anything. Put him back at the helm, and he will get us a ring. This ain't no time to experiment with a kid who has 3 starts. FREE ALEX

Oh boy...
Ck is the future and he obviously wears his feelings on his sleeves, however Alex is more quiet but just as competitive and just or even more passionate. CK doesnt understand having all these jack a**es booing him and not understanding football, he doesnt know what it means to have coaches turning on you and rolling you under the bus because they dont know how to lead or coach.

Alex is the epitome of passion to have endured all of that and wanting to stay here and prove to everyone and show them he can lead this team to a super bowl victory and being a selfless leader. He is not perfect and doesnt throw the ball 95mph anymore, but he is a leader and he has more passion for this team than any of you suckers.

Jumping and yelling around doesnt mean you qre passionate.
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