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Demarcus Dobbs, busted for Marijuana ...

Just got a prompt from Team Stream 3 minutes ago will post the link in a few ...
Front page of

"He was involved in a crash and we suspect he was under the influence of alcohol,"
California Highway Patrol Officer D.J. Sarabia told "He was not
injured and he was also arrested for possession of marijuana."
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My new favorite player
He's hanging out with Aldon Smith too much.
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Not judging, just passing along the information ...
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It's Kaep's fault

Btw he got in a car crash. It's under assumption that he was still tipsy from the night before. Again, Kaep's fault
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Originally posted by YungAce:
It's Kaep's fault

Kaep probably sold them to Dobbs
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Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
He's hanging out with Aldon Smith too much.

But, does he have tats?
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I guess drugs and alcohol is just to much temptation for NFL athletes. Welcome to the NFL substance abuse program. Prepare to pee.... Alot
i blame kap's tattoos
Kaep's tattoos are already have a bad influence...
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According to MM

Single car accident, he was the only passenger, arrested for possession of Marijuana and suspected DUI.
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