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Bryant Young: Apparently no shot at HOF

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Originally posted by dwy621:
So sad. His jersey was the first Niner jersey i ever owned. He was a great player, but will be forgotten because he didn't put up the sack numbers.

His sack numbers fell off a lot after his first few seasons. Too many d-lineman from his era are higher on the all time sack list than him, probably need more than 4 pro bowls to get in also. Great player, great 49er but a little short of HOF credentials.

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Thats sucks! The guy was a true example of what it meant to be a 49er. Hope someday he will somehow get voted in, but the chances of him getting in now are slim. The guy gave up his whole body and soul for our Franchise, He will always go down as one of the Greatest 49ers of All time in my book. Thanks for the memories B.Y.
He's a HOF in my heart.
Loved this guy and he will always stand for consistent good all around play. He didn't have as many sacks as others but he was better than many who had more sacks. Excellent run stuffer and could play anywhere on the line. Tireless motor.
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He's was a good player, but you can't make the argument that he was the best at his position in his prime. To say otherwise is just homerism.
HOF in my heart
Justin created that sack.
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