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lets do something special for Alex...

We can make a get well soon card???
Aren't we already doing something for him? All the 49ers gear and tickets we buy, some of it has to go towards paying his salary. I like Alex. He's a good guy and all, but a lot of QBs could've stepped in and fulfill that role with Harbaugh there.
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I think smith would've been replaced before the postseason regardless of the injury. Harbaugh had already been putting in kaepernick in situations where the game was still close. The injury just became a perfect excuse for harbaugh. Alex got to start for 6 yrs as an average at best qb. People shouldnt feel too sorry for him, his play had more to do with the switch than his concussion.

Even if he wasn't replaced this season, I think it would of happened 2013....

I think most would agree Alex would be replaced in 2013. I would rather it happen then and not now.

I agree with Alex when he said he did nothing wrong to lose his job.

As much as I hated the Kyle Williams fumble last year, I felt that Alex would be able to get the 9ers to the SB this year.

Now he'll probably be on the sideline when they get there..........
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Cupcake sale

Sounds about right.
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Originally posted by Humboldt9er:

Please, don't.
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Lets kidnap Kaep and hold him captive until next season. No worries, Alex can bail all of us out of jail if we get caught. What do you say, you in? HAHA
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Won't do a single thing for him lol
Wow. So much contempt for a guy that was actually doing pretty well for our team. Not that I don't agree with the switch, but it seems like all the Smith haters are using it as vindication to throw him under the bus. His good play from this season and last will certainly land us some good draft picks from another team. He'll be continuing to provide for this team indirectly.
he aint reading no fkn signs.
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Do it when CK throws INTs at the home games or play-offs at home lol.

I'll chip in On sOme flowers and a teddy bear!!!

How about some balloons and candy?
im going to make an "atleast your not romo" sign
Originally posted by kazak13:
lets not forget that he got us to the championship game last year

Alex played defense last year?

People need to stop. Alex didn't get us to the NFC Championship, the defense did. Just like how Kaepernick didn't win the game last week, the defense did.

Another thing people need to stop with is the whole "he didn't do anything to lose his job" stuff. He also didn't do enough to keep it, apparently. Harbaugh made his decision based on the way the two of them play. If you lose your job because your boss found someone he feels can do it better than you, is it really not your fault whatsoever? Granted, he played well, but if you're a coach and you feel another guy can do a better job, you'd be a fool not to make the change.
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