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Jim Trotter (SI)

Clark Judge (CBS)
mutha fckin right b*** is born
Holy crap, that trotter article is making me excited!

Can we get a showtime or HB broadcast of a game with Kaep miked up? Is there any way that can happen?
Do you guys think head coaches are always in a lose-lose situation in getting into QB controversies? Of course, it all depends on the outcome but up until then.

JAX's coach would fully support his starter to the media during training camp but then sweep the rug a few weeks before the season. Jim is praising both QB's and providing the media with the "hot hand" comment, which basically means they will compete.

I don't think there's anything wrong with what he is doing DURING this QB controversy. Either way, he's getting bashed even though he let Colin compete no different than if AJ Jenkins comes in and outshines Kyle and takes his spot.

A coach can just simply go with the starter but now every person is still second guessing his decision since the backup played so well.

Lose-lose so Jim, handle it whatever way you want.
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