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2012 Players Who Should Be Cut

Originally posted by ginseng1000:
jose cortez!

I second that
Originally posted by gold49digger:
Originally posted by matt49er:
I'm concerned about Akers don't get me wrong but we do not have a better kicker on the market. Unless Nedney wants to unretire???

I would bring him back with open arms.

yea, lets cut one of the best kickers in history as we make a run towards the pleayoffs. Brilliant.
Owen Pochman, probably had a cousin named John Shank.
what's great is that we're actually in a position to take a kicker earlier than a team normally would, in the draft.
Um, you only cut players when you have a better option in the wings. And anyway, there is another kickers thread. And so it's goodbye. sniff.
He seems to be a liability this season.

He sucks as a receiver.

He apparently sucks at returning kicks now (not sure what happened since he was good last year).

He is soft and will do anything to avoid getting hit. See his refusal to dive for the toss from Kaepernick. This isnt the only example of his softness. There were numerous times last year where he would give up on plays in order to avoid contact. During the game in Detroit last year, I remember him running out of bounds before reaching the first down marker because he saw a defender running at him. It was a big mistake at the time which fortunately didnt cost us the game.

The niners could free up some valuable cap space by cutting him.
And Akers and delanie too
We really need another thread on Ginn dont we?

Regardless, i have been one of Ginn's biggest critics, but no, we have no other PR.

Fire Roman.
I don't care what anyone says, I blame Greg Roman and his cousin Mark.
Lets cut our number 3 receiver right now?

Let's cut everybody!
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