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Who should be the 49ers QB for the rest of the year?

Who should be the 49ers QB for the rest of the year?

Right now it would be hard for me to just go back to Alex after what Kaepatrick displayed the past 2 games as the starter. This guy flourished more in the offense in 2 games (big plays down field) than what Alex has shown what he could do in a year and a half.
Kaep, just too much upside at this point.
Kaep without a doubt.
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Kaep. Base on the way our Offense look when he is our starter. We look faster with a sense of urgency.
Looking at it over again, for how good the 49ers defense played again, Kaep could have done a whole lot better or more, especially consider they faced one of the worst defense in the NFL this season in NO.
I believe Kaep is going to be a much better QB than alex smith, however I am not sure if this was the right time for the change. Obviously he needed to come in and play when Alex got hurt. However Alex has been having a career year and has not done anything to merit losing his job at this stage of the season. Even if Kaep is a better QB today.... I'm not sure how this will pan out in the playoffs due to added levels of stress on the big stage.

Either way I'm really excited, and if the Coach believes that Kaep gives us the best chance to win NOW... then I'm 100% behind him.
Kaep doesn't get saced, Alex does, end...
I put my faith in whomever Harbaugh decides who should start.

I'm so torn on this issue ...I'm loving the playmaking ability Kaep brings to the team,

then again, Alex has done everything asked of him , he has been playing at a high level and winning games for us ..I feel bad for him , he was probably playing his best football until he got hurt in the Rams game ...but I guess Kaep beating the highly ranked bears defense , and thriving in a hostile environment against the saints might have been the green light Harbs & Roman have been looking for to start Kaep the rest of the way
I'm riding with Kaep for the rest of the way.
Like Vernon said, KAEP IS THE MAN!
In my opinion, which means very little, I would continue with Alex Smith. He understands the offense more and has shown that last year and this. He currently leads the league in completion percentage and has an elite passer rating. Combine this with what he showed last year against the Saints in the playoffs, and he deserves to start; and for those who say he won't throw into tight coverage, the winning drive in the playoff game last year had a couple throws in tight coverage if I recall.
well you see..............

ahh f*ck it. kap.
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