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Who should be the 49ers QB for the rest of the year?

Who should be the 49ers QB for the rest of the year?

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CK now has 2 games under his belt including a difficult away game. Alex Smith has shown his talents over the last 2 seasons. Who do you want to start the rest of the year?

Note: There is another thread to debate this - this thread is only to vote. An occasional bump of the poll would be appreciated.

Here is the other thread.
We need a time share at QB.

CK to play the 1st half and score plenty o points. Alex to play the 2nd with the comfy lead and drive stakes through opponent's heart with his game manager mojo.
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Go with the hot hand
Colin Kaepernick
There is no god but Tolzien and Kaep is his prophet
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I think we should change every week and never tell anyone who is going to start.

Having him in the playoffs will be huge...
Kaepernick, makes this offense explosive.

The switch was the right move.
Ask a former Niner, Steve Spurrier, how the 2 QB system works in the NFL. Don't think we've seen the last of Smith yet. Jim created this and still won't declare a starter.

Maybe with Kap the rest of the way KW (or LMJ now) fields that punt and we go to the Super Bowl this year.
Qb controversy? Shocking! Never saw that coming
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So far:
CK 79
AS 21
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