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Should Harbaugh bring in another kicker?

Should Harbaugh bring in another kicker?

If he's hurt, put him on IR and get a fresh leg. If he aint hurt, he is slumping pretty bad, get him a couple of fat chicks and a case of beer, and let him work it out.

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Originally posted by Gore_21:
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I would hesitate big time in dismissing him so quickly. The last thing we want is him in Arizona or Miami making pro bowls and banging 50+ yarders through because we overreacted to some bad games while we watch Cundif hook 20 yard field goals wide right for us.
Have to bring someone in. Playoffs are going to be tough, and when you are on the 40 and need points, you don't want to have to force a TD. Especially in OT. Bring someone in, and just play the hot foot!
Yes. I'll take Nate Keading even though he sucks. He's not this bad.
Yeah, bring a new kicker in. I believe Ackers confidence is shot.
Let's trade Alex Smith for a couple of kickers.
Leave his ass in st. Louis.

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