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Any update on Walker, Hunter, and Williams??

Wow. What a costly game. Both out for the season....
Damn gonna miss hunte in the running game. Next man up.
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RIP Kunter
I blame that s**tty turf in that s**tty ass dome.
Originally posted by Young2Rice:
I blame that s**tty turf in that s**tty ass dome.

yup 100%. They need to do something about that s**t around the league.
Originally posted by JeuSF49:
That's why you draft for depth! Time for LMJ and Jenkins to step it up. Jacobs isn't really a change of pace back, neither is Dixon.

The coaches might use LMJ in limited packages, at least until they feel they can trust him to completely fill Hunter's position as 1st backup. The packages fortunately could jibe well with the new QB. CK and LMJ worked well in option plays during pre-season. The first link below is from Matt Barrows after the pre-season Chargers game regarding LaMichael's blocking as improving. Perhaps he's improved even further. The second link is from Matt Maiocco that seems to overlook that James was a 2nd round pick and has been at practice all season.

How do 49ers Replace William, Hunter
Wilma took out two players on the same play?? M*********er!!

Why is that chump even playing this season
K. Hunter
Kyle too.. Don't want Ginn being our only option on KR/PR, enter LJ hopefully he can fill in as well as Hunter did in the running game when we need him. Gore has been having a good season so I guess I won't worry too much. But Hunter was just the perfect 3DRB, always finds ways to get us 1st downs.

I'm pissed
f**k we could be in trouble without Hunter
Losing Isaac Bruce little brother (hunter) will hurt the offense. Bummer!

Originally posted by ninersrule4:
f**k we could be in trouble without Hunter

I think well be ok. Hunter was averaging around 7 rushes a game, so between Jacobs, James and Dixon they should be able to shoulder the load nicely. Will they be AS productive....again, between the 3 of them, I think they can.
Hunter is very valuable. He is a great change of pace and a guy i think can be a starter. He just always seems to get yardage when most backs would be stopped.

this sucks
We lost Hunter too? OMG! He played huge when subbed in for Gore the last 2 years, we really gonna miss him when it matters most. Jacobs, Dix and James better step up, we gonna need to lean on them now.
It's that same ill feeling like when they lost Morgan last year. Daaang. I have a hunch thou that defenses r gonna tire-up tackling Gore, Dixon, Jacobs, and James all game.
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Any word on Delaine?
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