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Petition to start CK7 next week vs Saints

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This is Alex's year...let it play out. He's on a short leash and will be cut if he doesn't win us the Superbowl. Unless, he is a cap friendly QB we keep the both.
Hell Yeah, Start Kaep, proved he can do what alex couldn't do in 7 seasons, stay consistent.
Start Alex... Increase the Kaep package weekly... Gonna be fun watching defenses struggle to prepare for the variety of problems we present!
Originally posted by deepniner:
of course. been asking for this for a long time. we already know what a.smith can do. and he cant take us to promised land.

I don't care who starts, this is just wrong. We could've easily been playing in the SB last year. That's just ignorant. Our staff is great, so is our coach, they will play the guy who gives us the best shot to win. If someone struggles we have a more than capable backup.
its hard to keep Kap out. I mean the man did amazing against one of the best proven defenses in the league! this definitely will be a QB controversy for the rest of the season and into next year.

I know alex smith will probably start when healthy but ive been a fan of CK7 since he was at nevada and i knew he was going to be great but it was just a matter of when
stop this
Coach will make the call if the Docs give him an option. Should be good either way.
Awesome start for Kaepernick. I say the job is Alex's unless he loses it, or the coaches see in practice that Kaepernick has passed him.

But as for next week, if Alex isn't 100%, even if it's only 99%, put in Kaepernick. He's shown that we can trust him against a good defense.
Kaep played great, but his time is coming. Alex wasn't playing bad football before he got hurt either. He's been pretty accurate lately and I think he will come out pretty fired up. Here comes the poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor man's Montana vs. Young.
Hey guys. I understand kaep had a great night, but lets not lose focus on the true identity of this team. Alex gives us the best chance to win in the playoffs. Yes, I said playoffs! Alex knows this offense better than anyone on the team right now. Stop hatin on A . Smith and pull for this team to win!

Originally posted by Chief:
Alex Smith beat the Saints in the playoffs, Alex is our starter.

I love Alex Smith but change my mind because CK7 is looked a great plays game and develop to learn the offense score because he is smart than Alex Smith! I think Ck7 is compared to Steve Young... Ck7 can throw it and can run too! I loved it..
Um, no. Kaep played great, but Alex has done nothing to lose his starting job. Kaep may be the future, but Alex brings experience.

Glad to know, however, that we have a dependable backup on this roster.
start Smith....if we start losing, we can put CK in....
Alex will start, barring any medical issues. When he starts to struggle, CK will take over for good.
Will not sign
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