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Petition to start CK7 next week vs Saints

Heck no. Smith owns the Saints.
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Alex Smith beat the Saints in the playoffs, Alex is our starter.
waste of time....
why lock this thread? AS will not be ready next week. CK7 should start after what he has done tonight
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I like Kaep, but he needs to sit this year still. Maybe 2013!
Brandon Tierney ‏@BrandonTierney
The 49ers drafted Kaepernick, pursued Peyton. They've been searching for Alex's replacement for a while; time frame is just accelerated now.

I wish Kaep would be named the starter, but everyone knows it won't happen as long Alex is healthy.
LOL @ meaningless fan petitions
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of course. been asking for this for a long time. we already know what a.smith can do. and he cant take us to promised land.
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