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The Aubrayo Franklin principle.

Originally posted by adembroski:
A FS doesn't a defense make... but the lack of one can kill you, and 'Niners fans above all else should know that. We suffered from lack of speed at the FS position for years and we had a horrid pass defense because of it. You can't play over the top of elite receivers if your safety can't get to the sideline. In effect, you become borderline incapable of double teaming anyone playing near the numbers.

Agreed, the Mark Roman days of excellence...
Originally posted by JeuSF49:
Agreed, the Mark Roman days of excellence...

To this day...I swear Nolan just wanted yes men...Roman was the epitome of one on the field. I truly believe his misplay in the last seconds in Minnesota was the beginning of the end for Singletary and really an eye opener to us all.

Great ST player though. Could use him on kick coverage right now.
Originally posted by Frisco69ers:
i would love to get Goldson for 3 years/15 mil

Sh*t, so would all of us, I suspect. Just not likely to be accepted by Goldson and agent.

I have to think Goldson/Agent will push for a deal in the Antrel Rolle range.. which was a 5 year 37 million deal, including 15 mil guaranteed, and extra incentives built in.
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