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Niners first offensive play against the Bears

Smith five yard bootleg for the TD after a Bear TO

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CK five yard bootleg, fumble, and TD for the Bears
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Gore up the middle for 4 yds.
7 yard slant pass to Michael Crabtree

...who cares?

What is with these threads?
Gore up the middle for no gain.
Originally posted by grizzlyadams:
CK five yard bootleg, fumble, and TD for the Bears

lulz, I was going to post that (minus the TD part)
Alex gonna say "kill kill kill", hike the ball and have a completion to crabs for 5 yards.
Frank for 3 yards behind Iupati.
Play action....deep post to Moss for a 83 yard TD!!!!!!

Brandon Jacobs in the wildcat, up the middle for a 70 yard TD.
Play action pass to Delanie Walker.
Run left gore the same as it always is
Gore off tackle 6 yard pick-up
Alex to Vernon across the middle for 15 yards
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