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Well said. It just feels this way when my eyes watch every game. Why not run up the score? Isn't that the point, to make sure you get the win in a tough NFL? Play to the strengths of the roster, and fit those into schemes/gameplans. Just seems like this coaching staff is really focused on only one/two ways to do things on both sides of the ball, regardless of talent, and that's going to get us in trouble at some point.

Is Jim ultimately skird that Alex is gonna turn the ball over THAT much if he takes more chances, and that our defense won't be able to buckle down when it needs to? Is he covering up holes??????

I don't think so honestly given it's the same exact philosophy they instilled at Stanford and that was with the best QB in the country...more runs than passes. And Alex has a history of being one of the very best (in the past) in the RZ (and that includes taking care of the ball). And when he IS asked to gun it, in the 2-minute drill, in a come-from-behind fashion, in a critical playoff game with the time winding down, the guy has performed at an amazing success rate comparatively-speaking. And in the 2 losses, that was just a colossal fail from top-to-bottom by the entire team; but he didn't help his cause either. It'll happen a few times a year to every QB/team.

At the end of the day, IMHO we're just adhering to our offensive/defensive philosophy and designing game plans off that. Otherwise, no doubt, guys such as VD would not go MIA for 4 straight games. You'd see him lined up at WR, in the backfield, on reverses, quick TE screens, fly-sweeps, dropping in soft zones ala Brent Jones, etc...anything to get the ball in his hands.

This is what the Rams did for Amendola and Jackson; their only two weapons. And this is the differences in coaching...they design plays to get their best players involved early and often. They even saw holes in our ST's and took advantage. How did we adjust on defense and special teams? Enough said...
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