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49ers games - Videos - UPDATED (Steve Bono sighting)

I received a strike on my account so I had to start a new channel. Here are some links to some older games if anyone is interested in watching.
There will be more on the way. WARNING - Some of the Audio and Video quality may be a little rough. I did my best.

1991 49ers at LA Rams - Monday Night - STEVE BONO (Video is rough until about 30 minutes in)

1993 Divisional Playoffs - 49ers vs. Giants - Ricky Watters scores 5 TD's (quality improves as it goes on - I promise)

1993 SF at Pittsburgh

1993 SF vs Atlanta

1991 SF vs Rams

1994 SF vs Cowboys

Meanwhile - I still have my old channel with some games and highlights
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I love your youtube channel(s). I really enjoy watching those old games and appreciate you uploading them. That first game posted is actually the 1993 divisional playoff game vs the giants. It happened in January of 1994. Not only was it Watters 5 Td game, but I also think it was LT and Simms last games in the NFL. So it good their careers came to an end with a 44-3 beat down by the Niners

Its funny, I watch these old games almost 20 years later knowing the outcome and I still finding myself yelling at Ricky to tuck the damn ball away. Its really amazing he didn't have even more fumbles then he did.
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Thanks. And I'll change the date
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