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Pratice this week (Qb)

I don't know which thread to put this in so MODs please move it to where it belongs.

With Alex's injury and Im assuming he wont be practicing. Do we let Kap get all the first team reps this week and then throw Alex in if he is cleared to play? Or are we going to find out earlier if Alex is good to go and he will get some pratice time this week?

Or since Kap gets the first team reps do we see what we got?
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Since the next game is a mnf game I think they have Monday n Tuesday off so it will depend on where Alex is health wise by Wednesday. I don't see givin kaep some first team reps being a bad idea though.
What's the earliest we will hear about Alex availibilty?

Edit: I should have said what's the earliest he can practice?
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It all depends on how soon Alex gets clear. I think regardless of how soon Alex gets cleared he will start next monday.
Im all for Alex getting the start next week if he is good to go. It's just that if he hasn't practiced all week and Kap has, would it really be beneficial to give Alex a cold start like that.... Im hoing we hear something quick about Alex....Glad Im not having to make those decisions.
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