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Our Defensive Line Depth

Originally posted by LasVegasWally:
Every once in a while I've seen comments that JH/Baalke are impressed w/Dobbs, Tukuafu & Williams. I haven't seen anything to be impressed or unimpressed.

Frankly, I don't recall seeing them play very much to have an opinion.

One thing for sure, if we want to keep major pressure on QB's, we will need an impact DLine person to eventually replace Justin. I think he's 33.

If he were to go down w/an injury how far would the DLine's performance slip?

2011 preseason. I remember Dobbs looked really good when he was in there. They saw enough of the 3 to keep them on the roster. And also did not draft anyone of significant, which indicate to me they really like those 3 guys.
Dobbs, Tukuafu and Williams are all second year players. Look back to where Sopoaga and McDonald were in their second seasons. You wouldnt have projected either as future starters, let alone dominant starters. (mcdonald looked like a situational inside pass rusher at best and sopoaga looked too raw to ever amount to anything)

All we know so far is that:
-they have looked great in the pre-season
-the team has gone out of their way to keep those three on the roster
-the team doesnt feel the need to rotate in young players regardless of pedigree or potential future role
-DL has arguably our best positional coach

In the short term, we dont know what we have in these guys. But it looks like theyre being groomed for the long term.
Excellent points nannite! The coaching on this team helps keep the talent coming through development. We don't have to worry about players not reaching their potential.
Gotta admit I forgot about the Tomsula factor. It appears he has done the most, going back to Nolan's tenure as far as player development.
I really wanted us to draft a D-lineman in the first two rounds this year and was disappointed we didn't. I think D-line depth is our #1 hole.
We desperately need DLine and OLB depth next year
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Originally posted by monsterzero789:
We desperately need DLine and OLB depth next year

of course this is the right answer. they waited to long to draft a linebacker.with james not playing this year a strong case can be made for taking a pass rusher or a linebacker right there.
^ definitely want a rush LB with one of our first 4 picks... ideally in the 2nd/3rd.
We need to spend at least 2 of our top 4 picks in the draft on the defensive front 7
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I won't fault Baalke for preparing for the future with the James and Jenkins picked. They did draft an OLB. Technically they drafted two if you count Cam Johnson. They got hurt. Nothing they can do about that. And who knew Parys Haralson would get hurt as well. I'd like to see some more blowouts so Williams, Dobbs, and Tukuafu can get some more reps.

Dline IMO looked beter with Dobbs out there tonight.
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