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Please post all the game day happenings here. ALL reactions and observations from the game go here. However, if you have something like an end of quarter analysis thread you would like to post go ahead and make it it's own thread. Please make sure someone didn't beat you to it before you post it. All threads that are posted out of the game day thread will be deleted and the user may be warned. In the cases where it is appropriate to merge threads (like if an injury happens and everyone reports it at the same time) we will do so.

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Where: San Francisco

When : Monday Night Football, November 19, 2012

Time: 5:30 PM
Post all your pregame musings in this thread. All other threads will be merged.

Monday night football. Go Niners!
Lots of unknowns. Better put some work in, got an extra day to prepare.
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better come prepared

Chilo Rachal the player of the game
Pick off Cutler
I'm watching the houston/chicago game right now.....Foster has had decent runs on the Chicago D and Cutler just threw an INT in the 2nd QT. I think we'll be able to run the ball on their D. I think the big question is if the niners D will be able to hold Chicago's offense to some 3 and outs. Cutler looks for Marshall quite often so we would need to get him out of the game. Cutler can also run as he's doing tonight.

Gonna be a low scoring game.....I just hope Alex plays.
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A tie should hurt more than a loss and hopefully they show up to avenge that on the innocent Bears.
I've been waiting for this game since we lost to the NY Giants. Goo niners!
Originally posted by calinig4life:
I've been waiting for this game since we lost to the NY Giants. Goo niners!

Same here, just unfortunate we might not have our starting QB for this game.

The bears will probably have some confidence in this game.

1) Niner D allowed 24 points to the Rams offense.
2) Alex will probably be out. Kaep is unproven
3) Run D has been flaky
4) OLine hasn't been able to protect consistantly
5) Akers has missed several FG's at the stick.
Gore is hurting. Alex is concussed our d cant stop anybody. The bears are gonna destroy us
Cutler out with a concussion
Cutler has a concussion too
WOW. Cutler concussion!!!!
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