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First Niner game ever 12/09 vs Miami..

Hey ladies and gents...this game will be my first ever trip to Cali and to see a game at the stick. Will be sitting in the LE40 section...does anyone know if those are good seats??

Any suggestions on tailgating parties or what to do in the city otherwise?? I'm beyond excited for this trip...just want me and my lady to have a great time.

Thanks in advance.

PS - if there is a thread for this I apologize...didn't see one so I created this.
sheesh...41 views and no responses...

Originally posted by reasonable1:
sheesh...41 views and no responses...

Ask a mod to move it to the parking lot. Those dudes in there go all the time even have a webzone tailgate. Or hell just post a new thread.
ohhh ok...thats all I needed...thanks...
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