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Which was your "false dawn" moment during the dark years?

Bill Walsh personally selecting his successor, Terry Donahue for general manager.
Game at Seattle, 2006.
When we drafted kentwan balmer and glenn coffe next year.
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When we drafted kentwan balmer and glenn coffe next year.

Even if next year
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When Tim Rattay got his first start and Kevan Barlow played their minds off and we handily beat the much favored Steelers on Monday night.

then the next week, I believe we lost a close one to the Packers in Green Bay...or it was close early on.

I remember that game. Tim Rattay was lights out that game. Who was the FB he made that beautiful sideline throw to for the score? I don't remember.

A couple mins after I posted that I remembered. I always liked him.

Beasley was a beast! He fell off at the end but from 01-04 there was none better
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The Rashaun Woods era was tremendously bad.
Its happening now
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Originally posted by Prospector:
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I thought singletary was going to take us to a SB. Lol

Me too. I drank the koolaid on the Singletary hire.
i did not. I was on the island of lost souls and banned trolls at the time. but then of course i thought giving erickson a second year with his own coaches would be a positive was i ever that young and dumb?
The Seattle game in 2006. Even Gore was saying stuff like the rest of the NFC West had to be worried because we were coming.
beaing the broncos in week 17 to knock them out of the playoffs. i thought we were going to make it to the PO the next year... how wrong i was

starting off 2-0 in 2007....crash and burn after losing in piitsburgh and alex injury
I thought Singletary was going to bring that old school mentality to this team. guess I was wrong.
Most definitely it was the 2006 Thursday Night game at Seattle. It was raining, we played an awful first half. We had no offense to speak of and the only thing keeping us in the game was an over-achieving defense and Andy Lee. Then Smith comes out and lights it up in the late third quarter and the final quarter. I will never forget the naked bootleg call by Norv to seal the game. I thought Smith had turned the corner. Then when we beat the Broncos, I thought for sure Smith had arrived.

Alex Smith lighting up Houston was a distant second to me. I thought Jimmy Raye would turn us to a spread offense (like the Patriots and Saints), which might have been the missing piece to Smith's struggles. Yet, Raye goes full stupid and Smith continues to under-perform.
Turner doing good things with our Offense especially Alex and Gore. That seacocks game still stands out, Naked bootleg for a 20 yards for the score? WTF!
My false dawn was October 11th, 2009, shortly before kick-off.
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