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Who'd you like to see more of in the 2nd half of the season?

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I would like to see Ricky Jean become the starter at NG
Originally posted by chico49erfan:
AJ Jenkins and LaMichael James.......

Moss, Davis, Hunter
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Originally posted by qnnhan7:
I want to see everyone have at least one good game. How is this not possible ...

Rewatch the Buffalo game. It doesn't get much better than that.

Rooks, 1rst and 2nd round picks. I see a lot of Jacobs, but he has no future here. I'd rather see James.
I agree at NT. RJF should continue to get more snaps and an extension before the year ends. Keeping him is a smart move financially.

I want to see more Moss. Defenses can't focus on the running game and deal with the combo of Moss (if he's actually bring targeted), Crabs, and Vernon. Moss is the key. He stretches the field and draws a safety away from everyone else.
Moss deep pass for t.d. big plays down the field any w.r.
People who score more touchdowns
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More screen plays. They work.
moss, jenkins and james
Moss needs to be on the field at ALL times....and a running back needs to be on the field at ALL times.

I do not want to see ANY empty set formations....especially on early downs. Our offense is not respected enough to come out in obvious throwing formations.

we need to have Alex under center almost all the time...with Gore or Hunter in the backfield...even if its a spread formation and we need 10 yards. The threat to run should ALWAYS be there.

George Seifert singing?
Vernon Davis
Moss & Vernon Davis
I'm curious. Why are people asking for Jacobs?
The running game seems pretty good.
The knock on Jacobs was he was pretty soft for a 270 lb running back.

Is this the case of having a tantilizing preseason and wanting to see whether something's there?

I mean I'm all for briinging him in but you have to send Dixon to the inactive list. And you know Dixon plays special teams and Jacobs does not.

Also, LaMichael James. Is it becaue the things he can do in college? He certainly didn't do it against backups in the preseason.
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