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Who'd you like to see more of in the 2nd half of the season?

Jessica Alba
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Jessica Alba

Moss. It's not like a hated or liked him before he was a Niner, So I can't figure out why, but I get really excited when he gets the ball. His TD Monday was my favorite this season. Classic "made it look easy" Moss. Love to see a multiple TD game for him.

So clearly I'm biased, but I think having Moss more in the game plan could really help this team in the long run. CLEARLY, the guy's one of the greatest of all time! And he looked pretty fly for an old guy Monday.
Better TD dances
Would love to see more of Kaepernick... as that would mean we are blowing teams out by the 4th quarter.
the top of womens heads while they gag
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AJ Jenkins and LaMichael James.......

Moss, Manningham and Brooks
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Moss yes

But F@%% Jacobs!
Seems like a good thread title for this worthwhile article breaking down full player snap %..

49ers snap count through the first half of 2012

Alex Boone and Anthony Davis are the only two players with 100% play on their respective unit. The right side of the 49ers offensive line has shown considerable improvement this year, and given that they are two of the younger players on the team, handling all the snaps is not the end of the world. At wide receiver, Michael Crabtree has been the clear number one, with 326 offensive snaps. Mario Manningham has 226 snaps, Kyle Williams has 184 snaps and Randy Moss has 159 snaps. The 49ers continue to roll with their two tight end sets quite frequently, with Delanie Walker sitting at 267 snaps (54% of total offense), behind Vernon Davis at 466 (94%).
I want to see everyone have at least one good game. How is this not possible ...
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