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Is it just me or is Delanie Walker the cause of many drops & interceptions!?

Trade up from 32 and grab Tyler Eifert. Of course I'm a Notre Dame fan so there's bias.
Yep Delanie does screw things up sometimes
DW is an average TE in the league. I don't see the 49ers paying him big bucks to retain him next year. If the 49ers can get a bargain, then they'll keep him, but if DW demands a big deal, good riddance.
I wanna see a REAL TE catch passes. Delanie was horrible once again.
I think he is playing timid since he broke his jaw. Part ways with him after the season.
He dropped teh game winning TD.
Originally posted by DaFaro49ers:
I don't know about you but when I'm watching these games, I swear Delanie walker tends to drop the ball way to much! Anybody else noticing this? Someone please find me the stats/facts to prove this argument!

Been saying for 1.5 years now. He drops too many balls. Wanted a TE in the draft but Trent to AJ instead?
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Originally posted by DonnieDarko:
I wanna see a REAL TE catch passes. Delanie was horrible once again.

It's killing me that we passed on Fleener for Jenkins. I can't stand Delanie and his drops. He followed it up with a nice holding call.
Walker said about Kap "I don't think we helped him out enough as a team" lol, speak for yourself Delanie....smh
and fumbles...

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