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Myth of the "300 yd passer" be a "great" QB

A 20 - 6 W-L passer is the one I want. The one that wins games and that is what Alex has done thus far under Harbaugh. Alex ain't Rodgers by any means but he has been sufficient thus far for what we are doing. Last season we were supposed to draft Andrew Luck but instead we were 2 fumbles away from winning the Super Bowl. This season we are 1 of the favorites to win it all. Now I understand that we have seen the worst of Alex over the years, but what we are getting now should bring a big smile to our faces for only $8 million annually. His production at that price allows us to stock up on talent all over the roster while still getting enough from him to beat anyone. Harbaugh and Baalke have done a nice job finding what works for this ball club. Hats off to them

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Originally posted by UNitwit:
The West Coast Offense is NOT a "short passing game" you useless fu*(kwits.

200+ yards 3 tds would do it for me every time
Hard to throw for 300 yards with only 4 passing attempts in the second half, 19 overall.
Originally posted by obx49:
If our QB threw for 300 hundred yards on a consistent basis then we wouldn't be having this discussion.

no niners would be 2-6 rather than 6-2
Originally posted by hofer36:
Originally posted by obx49:
If our QB threw for 300 hundred yards on a consistent basis then we wouldn't be having this discussion.

no niners would be 2-6 rather than 6-2

Not necessarily
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Originally posted by NinerBuff:
Tom Brady had 4 TDs

Alex could have easily had 4 TDs but we are conservative with the lead and dont run up scores the like Pats.
Originally posted by obx49:
If our QB threw for 300 hundred yards on a consistent basis then we wouldn't be having this discussion.

But he dosent and we win a good majority of our games. So we are.
You're insane!

Manager a great QB does not one make. J.T. O'Sullivan could be a pro bowler in the Harbaugh scheme!
Yeah im gonna quote J.Smith on this 300yrd thing and say 'stats are for loser ball'. Just win.

The fact of the matter is if you insert ANY qb in this system you are going to get mid 200 range in passing yards. Our defense and running game are both elite. Meaning for the majority of games we are in complete control by the 3rd quarter and are just killing the clock. Look at our past games. Alex is near the half way marker for 300 yds at half time. Then closes the game under 300. Why, because the game is won.

Want us to keep throwing the ball? Running up the score? Padding the stats to stroke the ego of the average delusional football fan. The cliche is that winning percentage is the only stat that matters and that is true. The win is what matters and when we have games won by the half, and only have lost to a surprise Vikings team and an amazing Giants squad then what's to be upset about? Multiple blowouts in a season where the Cardinals won 4 straight to start the season.
jvangey makes a good point. If we were the Patriots, we would have beaten an already beaten team by 40 pts. That's the difference between bellicheat and Coach Harbaugh. One is jerk the other a man among men. If someone is beaten, don't embarrass them. These are pros, and you beat them, you don't embarrass them. Sure, alex could have had probably 4 300 yd games this yr. But neither he nor Coach want to embarrass. They just want to win. Also, with one of the very best running games ever, why would someone want the QB to throw 300 yds? It would mean marginalizing our most important part of the O...Frank and a great OL plus TEs and WRs that block. It ain't broke so don't fix it. How many teams in the league would want our running game? That's right, all of them.
Stats mean nothing. Take a look at Aikman. Granted, it was a different era but his numbers are not prolific by any means.
Really good post pasodoc9er!

Totally agree.

I'm an Alex supporter and admittedly he can frustrate the hell out of me BUT he is playing better. Last night he took coverage sack that bothered me yet his passing was some of his best. He was leading the receivers and had excellent placement. The first TD pass to Crabs was perfect.

No matter what he does the haters will hate.
This is a game Alex easily could have put 300 yards but the situation didn't warrant it. I don't think anyone is going to fault Alex for going 18-19 233 yards and 3 TDs. If he did that thru out his career nobody would be bashing him.

Obviously no one is going to go 18-19 every week but the point is if he consistently moves the chains thru the air very few will complain that he's not a fantasy God. The problem is you're delusional if you think Alex has been that thru out his career. Statisically he's not been an efficient qb over the course of his career. He's just now developing into this.
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