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The Random SF vs AZ Prediction Thread

Originally posted by 49AllTheTime:
I would be happy if AS just looks at VD

Oh he'll look at VD. But he won't be open, so he'll get flustered, panic, and then just take a sack.
Originally posted by Overkill:
I predict it will all be Alex's fault.

Originally posted by PTulini:
I predict that Aldon Smith will record 3 SACKS and 1 FORCED FUMBLE.

i see your sacks and a fumble.

and raise you 1 sack and 5 tackles
i predict at some point crabtree will put his hands up like the "it wasnt me " and have his hands on his hips while walking back towards the huddle.

Delanie Walker will drop a pass
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randy moss will catch a redzone td pass, and there will be a brandon jacobs sighting, and there will be no "wild cap" tonight
Originally posted by 228niner:
randy moss will catch a redzone td pass, and there will be a brandon jacobs sighting, and there will be no "wild cap" tonight

Second preditction: There will be no wild Kap, because Kap will come in and actually throw a pass for a big play.
harbaugh will bite his nails off
9ers are going run, run some more, and run again.

They want to wear out the Cards DLine
Originally posted by 49AllTheTime:
Tolzien will make an appearance

That explains the hurricane.
Ginn will take one back to the house today.

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KW goes off
Alex 7 TD's

you people need to be more accurate with your predictions, some of these are just ridiculous.
I see Mario Manningham and Kendall Hunter having big for defense...Ray Mac and Cris Culliver are my defensive stand outs tonight.
Goldson will be ejected....after he picks off a pass.

I figure Goldson will get an interception against these guys. Then somewhere in the late 3rd or 4th quarter, when the niners have the game in hand (something like 16-3), Goldson, who will have been talking smack all game, will get into an altercation with a bitter WR or TE and Goldson will be ejected and fined. He's been kind of headed in this direction for a few games. I see it boiling over in the desert tonight!
Originally posted by Garcia:
KW goes off

In all honesty I've been (and are still) wishing for him to have a breakout game but it hasn't happened. Maybe his little catches here and there w/ decent returns will be enough.

Just wishing one time, just one time his quick Stewie Griffin-like feet get us into the endzone via KR.
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