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Which retired 49ers player do you wish was in his prime and playing on the team today?

rc owens
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cedrick hardman would still rush the passer today , so could charley krueger, but krueger was deacon jones old school and could not head slap today
T.O and Jerry
Dana Hall
Might not be a popular choice buuuuuuuuttt.......Deion!!
Eric Wright

- 98
Jeff Garcia
Deion Sanders
Eric Wright
Bryant Young

even the '98 or 2001 T.O.
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Since the quarterbacks are out of the question, you can't pass on the greatest corner of all time. Deion would make this defense one of the best of all time.
Dwight Hicks, Bryant Young, Rickie Ellison for intimation and getting the team jacked up

Jeff Garcia! He would lead this team to a championship.
If I chose to ignore the rules, Joe would be the obvious choice (with his spine and elbow restored to factory settings).

Eric Wright pre-injury would be nasty in this Defense.

Jeff Garcia would make the offense more dangerous.

John Taylor would be a perfect fit for what we expect our WRs to do: block all day in the running and downfield in the passing game, catch everything, break tackles and turn short throws into huge plays. JT gets the call.
Touchdown Tommie....FTW
Jeff Garcia
Originally posted by Oakland-Niner:
Touchdown Tommie....FTW

Awesome..always will be my favorite Cardinal
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