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Podcast - Black and Blue Part 2: We Hate You Too

Coming off a bruising victory against division rival Seattle AND taking sole possession of first place feels good. Time to rest up, right?! Not so fast. When teams hate each other anything can happen. This week we have Tre Faaborg from Niners Nation joins Oscar to talk all things 49ers.

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Response to your Oct. 13th podcast:
Hate going back to our worst game of the season (NYG), but I can stomach this initial listen through.

- Agreed on a bad gameplan.. pass pass pass when we are successful with the first half run? WTF? Yeah... that sucked.
- Yep. GMen really did their homework and were prepared for us.
- Brutal STs at times, true again. Eli was untouched all game, except one hit... just wow... can't do that.
- Yep.. enough with the Kaep-keeper.
- Anthony Davis moves inside to RG? Did you mean Leonard? (guess so)

- No, no games can be overlooked. Any given Sunday...

- Our OL was obviously fine in this one.
- Pretty much agree with your thoughts on how Alex runs things.. and it's not yet ideal.. maybe never will be.
- Of course, I agree with your gameplan and coaching thoughts.

Listening now to your Oct. 24th podcast :

Anyway, here were a few of my thoughts about the Hawks game afterthoughts...

After doing the offensive play by play, it is clear to me that people have grossly overreacted to this Hawks game and Alex's performance in it. Shocker. Our offense came out in the 2nd half and dominated the Hawks on three long drives... two of them for scores and an accumulated 16+ minutes from those drives. The last drive was just clock-killing runs on poor designed/executed plays to force the Hawks into burning timeouts.

We even started out with two decent drives in the first half, but couldn't close them out for more than a FG. Alex with a couple misses on low % passes to kill the first drive... Maybe Moss holds on to the perfect slant pass next time to extend the next drive (though refs should have thrown PI on the CB).. Crabtree runs the wrong route on the next drive, and we play safe field position game to help our D on the 3rd down play... Next play? Alex throws a short one to Crabs on a 3rd and 3 and Crabs can't slip one DB tackle for a few yds? The last drive of the half, Alex gets his helmet completely twisted to the side by Clemons.. blocking any vision.. and no call, refs?

- yep. Loved the jab-step from the OGs that opened up the 2nd level. So cool !!!
- definitely had a bit of defensive luck with a few dropped passes from the Hawks.
- interesting take on Rogers resting on his laurels. You may really have something there.
- yep. Lots of clear grabs and holds from the Hawks secondary... not cool.. but they were getting away with it.
- yep. Let Alex check the ball down if Gore/Hunter is wide open and can pick up 3 to 13 yds on 1st or 2nd down.
- Agree perfectly with you about Goldson, Oscar.

To Arizona.. hard to predict.

- Skelton just doesn't scare me.
- The big concern for me is obviously playing at their house. They will be crazed and desperate.
- I hope our OL comes prepared for the noise and keeps themselves composed.
- I hope our pass game is well prepared for the blitzes and P.I. coverage from their DBs.
- Just protect the ball and put together a few long TD drives? and we will walk away with a W.
- Don't give up on our rush game...
- Don't cause stupid penalties with foolish pride.
- Don't give Skelton easy first reads by playing 10 yds off a WR.
- Don't force risky shots down the field. Unless we must score, play the field position game and punt the ball and let their crappy offense screw up.
- no worries about Vernon D.. he'll get his. We used him as a decoy often, and let's be honest.. he's not a sharp route runner. He'll get some love on Monday.

- Not gonna make a big deal out of a blowout or close game vs Zona... JUST WIN. Let's get that 6-2 record at the bye week!

Really enjoying these, guys.. You are all doing a good job, thanks.
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