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Will Tukuafu pancake on richard sherman

Originally posted by fister30:
this link needs to find his twitter account if possible

Its needs to be a gif with a "you mad bro" at the end when he is just laying on the ground...then spammed to his twitter
That was badass block ...BAM !!!!!!!!!
We should do this more. Run the ball at the Cards too. Those corners want to be all physical with our receivers beyond the 5yds. Let them try to be physical with a 300 pounder flatten them out like Tuku did with Sherman. Is that the guy that said Harbaugh is a bully.... yeah, no sh*t -- Harbaugh even said he wanted to build a bully of a team. Sherman just witnessed it first hand against Tuku

Next game against the Seahawks, Harbaugh will introduce Dobbs to Sherman with the same result.
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Optimus Prime ....
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Originally posted by qnnhan7:

Optimus Prime ....

Just got Grimlocked.
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