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The one player I'd like to see resigned!

Tony Parrish (with a cast)

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If I had to rank them.


1. Ginn
2. Delanie
3. Goldson
4. Sopoaga
5. RJF


1. Bowman
2. Brown

I dont put Whitner, Akers and Justin because I think they get extended in offseason to help with cap room.


1. Aldon
2. Iupati
3. A.Davis
4. Culliver
5. Miller
6. Hunter
7. Kaep
Originally posted by Harkonnenzombie:
It would be nice to resign him. Electric and he has amazing bye bye speed

Agree. As long as it is for cheap again
yikes 2015 is gonna be a big year for the team to resign a lot of people
Originally posted by pakalolo415:
we gonna draft star lotulelei doe. gonna keep the polynesian heritage at NT

We better start tanking now then.
Bowman needs to be locked up yesterday, and im not sure where cowboy is in his contract, but extend him as well. Everyone else takes a back seat IMO.
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Originally posted by ChazBoner:
Bowman or Goldson. But since Bowman still has some time on his contract, I'll say Goldson.

But they need to at least start talking before its too late. Try and give him an extension now to avoid possibly losing him later. Hopefully there will be some players on the team that will restructure their contracts to help. Willis and Bowman are like brothers and won't doubt Willis will restructure to help is brother stay.

It'll be like the old Niners when guys would do whatever it takes to make the team better.
Originally posted by reasonable1:
Originally posted by 80849er4life:
Isaac Sopoaga

He's the key to our base defense. I will argue anyone to the last breath on that one.

Dont need too.....anybody who really knows this team....knows that Big Ice is the center of our run D...and is priority in this coming off-season
Originally posted by McLovinAlexSmith:
Originally posted by bluecoller49ninerfan:
Moss and before the season is over you will know why!

lol not likely

So do you still feel the same way?
Goldson. I don't care if they have to franchise him... keep him. Sign either Bowman or Goldson and franchise the other.

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