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After watching MNF

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Do the Bears scare you guys or do you think they are going to be our toughest challenge yet. I think they are very similar to us except for one big factor. We have more offense and yards statistically. Not to mention the far better RB and run game this year. Marshall makes me nervous after what Percy did to us same with Hester.

They had a bye week already, their defense will make AS look like the old cutler of 2009
  • Axl49
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They blitz a lot only thing that worries me and the fact that roman has been an idiot calling plays last couple of weeks worries me. If we run like we are supposed to do and built to do we will win.
I like the Niners chances regardless of who is line up across the field. The Pats and Saints are lead by QB's to be feared. Cutler...Not so much
I do not fear Jay Cavallari
Not scared. Other than the first quarter they just kicked a couple field goals against a crappy Lions team that turned the ball over 4(?) times and Cutler was 16-of-31 passing for 150 yards and one touchdown...people in the webzone would be calling for Campbell to start after that performance.
Chilo Rachal will have a field day on our DL
Like I said before the Vikings game, you had better respect everyone or you get your ass handed to you.
depends on Cutler, if you frustrate him he can be very Romoish

Originally posted by jreff22:
depends on Cutler, if you frustrate him he can be very Romoish

When he get's pressured he makes horrible throws, and he has a long wind up, it hurts him in the red zone where everything is compressed, we embarrassed him last time played him for that reason, and we'll do it again, they don't have the greatest O-Line, we can just attack Rachal all game, or the LT who has looked really bad at times
Cutler will throw 4 picks

27-0 niners
Originally posted by Axl49:
Not to mention the far better RB and run game this year.

That is a giant disservice to Matt Forte, who is easily one of the top-10 running backs in the game right now. Their running game was hurting earlier this year because Forte himself was hurting.

To sit here and pretend Gore is LEAPS AND BOUNDS better than Matt Forte is a giant stretch.
If the 49ers are mistake free they win. Cutler implodes at some point. Marshall is a tough match-up for anyone. Most likely a second gear game.
Not worried. Chilo can single handly make a o-line look real bad, real fast! Lol
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