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On a scale of 1-10, rate our offense, defense, and special teams

O- 8.5 rz and play calling need work

D- 7.5 dl rotation and pass D need work.....8

ST- 5 akers and coverage units are shabby
O 8.5
D 5.0
ST 3.0

Question. No one seems to justifies poor offense play because we lost Manningham, Williams and Hunter. But on defense I hear all the time "If Justin didn't get hurt ...." One of our defender's gets hurt for two games and all poor defense play is excused? Like it is ok?

I never can recall a place kicker for the Niners that cost us so much in so many key positions. The 109 yd return in the SB my be unfair to bring up (looking at the body of work for the whole year), unless you realize a stop would have been game changing.
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