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Evolution requires failure

This is exactly how I feel, I've referring to what the niners offense is experiencing as growing pains. People have such shaky confidence in this team, they are the best in the NFL one week, and they are the suck the next. Patience is definitely needed for this team, you don't really think that Harbarugh, this offensive line, this group of backs and receivers and Alex Smith who, believe it or not, had the best passer rating and QBR in the NFL after 5 weeks is going to implode and fall apart do you? I expected ups and downs with all the changes and that's what's happening. They'll pull it all together when it matters the most.
Originally posted by stillpans4gold:
Offensive scoring...

Weeks 1 and 2 - 28.5 points (average)
Week 3 - 13 points
Week 4 and 5 - 39.5 points (average)
Week 6 and 7 - 8 (average)

I see the 49ers are doing something rarely seen in the NFL, they're experimenting offensively. Most teams have a model, and try and to be perfect at that model. I see a team that is waiting for a model to expose itself through the natural course of an NFL season.

When you're experimenting with current concepts, old concepts and new concepts, you're bound to see extreme successes and wallowing failures. The goal is to hone in on some consitancy/identity of a new concept. You're not necessarily trying to achieve a certain ideal philosophy, you letting the "tests"(/other teams ability to deal with what your doing) mold what you'll look like come post-season. Experiments like this REQUIRE failure, even welcome it as long as your in control of your post season fate. The more you test, the more you discover what works and what doesn't, hopefully creating a very unpredictable, successful evolution to be the "fittest" team to "survive" the post season. You just need enough success so you can afford failure.

I think last year, we installed some new and conservative ideals while building a confident team. This year, it looks like we have more confidence to be a little more bold and be able to handle some failures in our exploration of edgy concepts.

At least, that's what I see this team doing so far this season. No more do i see this concept being played out than with the Kaepernick experiment. I think it's easy to think, because it's never been seen before, that we're grooming Kaep for a takeover in the future. But I don't think they're on that mindset at all. This is not a wildcat instillation, I think they're toying around with the idea of a very confusing and dangerous "two-QB" system. Now, other teams have adjusted and through the failures of this system, we can see more clearly how it works and doesn't work, adjust, and continue the experiment.

Thursday night I saw the experiment put on hold, back to conservative, what we know works in a game we need to win. BUT, i see the experiment resuming after the bye. Wouldn't be surprised if we hold off on the experiment (just get the W) against the cardinals next week as well.

I see this darwinian philosophy being played out this season and wouldn't be surprised to see more wild success and "huh… what are they doing" failures. After about 12 games or so, the experiment will stop and the team will build a model and try to master it going into the post season. BTW, It's not only the two-QB experiment, that's just the most obvious experiment. Also, that model might look just like it did in last years post season philosophy. It's really exciting to watch, and the reason I haven't been bother AT ALL with our failures this season.

We could very well have a preconceived mold, but the seemingly erratic offense philosophy tells me otherwise. Interested to see what you guys think of this experimental philosophy. Anyway, we're 5-2 and in sole possession of the NFC West, somethings working.

It does not take 24,000 + post to claim you know everything about the NFL and the San Francisco 49ers. stillpansforgold just proved that on his 269 post. AWESOME POST!
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Props for the unusual good thread in ninertalk. It seems the coaching staff is looking for the offense that blends extreme efficiency and safe play with explosive plays and being unpredictable. It's a good feeling to know your coaching staff knows more than the power-O left and power-O right and is also open to expanding the playbook even more.
Originally posted by JTsBiggestFan:
I have pretty good patience.

If it can be confirmed that Harbaugh is doing this intentionally and there's a good chance we will have a surprising offense come playoff time, I will be delighted.

I can sit through some more BS Vikings, Giants, Seahawks games if it means we finally have an AS led SB winner come playoff time.

As I said before, going 13-3 as a strict repeat of last season only to get knocked out again for the same reasons would SUCK.

This is the point I was getting at. Though I don't know if Harbaugh hold such a mind set at this point, I'd rather go (11-5/10-6) and have a more complete diverse playoff team than a one dimensional 15-1 castle that crumbles in the divisional round of the playoffs.
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