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Switch to a 4-3 defense already

Listen, this team was built to run a 3-4 and the personnel was drafted to run a 3-4, and they run it quite well too.

3-4 101:
In the 3-4 4 players are sent, but that 4th rusher is harder for the offense to identify. In the 4-3 the 4th rusher is known pre-snap and thus, scheme-wise, it's easier to gamed around. In the 3-4 because that 4th rusher isn't known pre-snap it puts pressure on blockers (backs and lineman) to adjust at the point of attack. That makes the offense more susceptible to stunts, twists, and a host of other things, which make it much easier for the D to get pressure with just 4 guys. Pressure is the word in the 3-4. It's as important as sacks. In this pass-happy league you have to have constant pressure to disputed what the offense wants to do. And this is what this team is doing very well. In addition, most football technicians will tell you that the most important aspect of the 3-4 is the 0-Technique - the NG. Your 0-Tech. must be selfless and able to control both A-gaps (a two-gapper), otherwise your LB's - no matter how good they are - are gonna get exposed in the run game due to OG's getting free into the "2nd level". This is were Issac Soap. and Ricky Jean has been so good at. They have really done at good job at keeping Willis and Bowman relativity clean while clogging the A-gaps. Finally, our base 3-4 package is extremely good on passing downs, giving us the ability to easily move from 3-4 to nickle pre-snap. (YOU CANNOT DO THAT IN THE 4-3!!) That's vital in this pass happy league. In no-huddle situations this team won't be as exposed as most in the NFL, and why this defense is so good.

So lets please put this 4-3 nonsense to rest and end this thread.

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Originally posted by awol36:
So what would be so different if we switched to a 4-3...We got a top three defense .... Why screw with it?

The days of any team running a "3-4" or a "4-3" are gonzo. Every team is running multiple fronts and coverages in every situation. Its about situationally getting your best players on the field and putting them in a postion to win. While its true we basically are using the same player as our primary "blitzer: Aldon" and if we add a 5th, Brooks, We are actually a better defense NOT blitzing Willis and Bowman. They can cover TEs and RBs as well as short passing route WRs. I'm sure theyre good enough to play in any "set", but its best when we just let them hunt the ball.
Vic Fangio would laugh in your face
4-3 is for the run mainly.

3-4 is meant for the ''hidden'' blitzer.

Gotta love the drama thrown about in here. Seems most people do not read through entire posts. Oh well.. time to move on. Your OP is not at all as terrible or offensive as people are making it though.
umm no
I am 100% convinced that the mods let us run amuck a little bit in here when the team has long layoffs.
There was someone last year? Maybe two years ago that started a thread advocating for a 1-5-5 defense. As in one down lineman. Maybe we should revist that idea, makes about as much sense.
Originally posted by frozen49er:
There was someone last year? Maybe two years ago that started a thread advocating for a 1-5-5 defense. As in one down lineman. Maybe we should revist that idea, makes about as much sense.


you want the San Jose Earthquakes soccer forum.

4-3, 3-4 , 4-6, I don't really care. What I do care about is wasting Aldon on coverage. What ever we play, he should be blowing and going every snap on the Qb. When he drops back in coverage, there is virtually free reign for the qB to throw the ball. Turn Aldon loose, play him every down, but whatever you want to call the D, have Aldon coming every down. He has crushed more than several runs just after the QB handed off to the RB. Also, last yr he roamed some, slicing in on the Rt, then the left, then between OT and OG...hell he was all over..and it scared the peepee out of the offense. Do it again. Unchain Aldon. He creates more havoc than any other 1 guy on passrush that we have. And sure, bring 5 sometimes, esp if their passing game is working. But free up Aldon to do what he does best, and then set the D to accomodate him bullrushing every play...but play him as the elephant and let him choose where he wants to attack from.
let's stay in magic formation.
ive been thinking of this also but not for a permanent remodel but just for this year since we are so thin at 3-4 OLBs.
For those considering the 4-3 switch, here are the point totals over the last four games: 0, 3, 26, and 6. How much better can they get before they satisfy you?

If I had one area to look at it'd be the Justin Smith isn't quite as dominant as he was last season. Having said that, this is a minor minor issue because he's still playing at an elite level. Last year he was just on another planet.

What this team needs more than anything is for Alex to hit the deep ball on occasion.

Side note: how good would this defense be if it had Smith on one side and Watt on the other? :)
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