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Top 10 Joe Montana Games on NFL Network

For those who missed the original airing,it will re-air sat. at 9p eastern.imho,a must-see for the comments alone from some of our former players about the best that ever did it.
An elite 49er QB we can watch this weekend? Yes!!!
It's being repeated Tuesday evening 10/23 at 10:00pm Pacific time as well.
Who is Joe Motana? Is he kin to Johnny Kilroy?
Originally posted by fropwns:
Who is Joe Motana? Is he kin to Johnny Kilroy?

Joe Montana is the AS of the 80's...according to the zone
Oh man, just saw Montana in Chiefs uniform...throwing elbow looked bad.
I do not understand why they put the 90 NFC Championship game on there. I also do not understand why the 87 Bengals matchup was not on there where Montana has 2 seconds left to beat the Bengals and throws a prayer of a pass to Rice for the GW. The list they came up with in the order provided was a fail but it was good to see a Montana program.
Yeah I hear ya.

The Bengals game was awesome for that last second win but not so much the rest of the game. Same with the '88 regular season game against the Giants with the last minute TD to Rice.

They need a top ten Montana moments show to get all these wonderful plays in.
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Yeah, it was great and sure brought back plenty of dynamite memories.
That was a treat. I recorded it.

It really allowed me to think and consider the Alex Smith situation more clearly.

Here you go guys:
Lol! Comeback down 35-7 on a team that was rushing him his 2nd year in that oh so difficult to learn WCO.
Is he the bent knee QB of the 80s?
Still think them including the game where he got hurt is dumb. I get that it's a big game in his career, but when you say TOP 10 games, that usually means the BEST. That was the worst. Stupid.
That gave me chills. How foolish we were to not know that we were watching greatness never to be seen again.
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