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Ahmad Bradshaw's message to 49ers

LoL...what wrong with his comments.....he's dead-on. If anything, that should motivate the team for tonite.
Originally posted by NC49erfan82:
Really I don't see anything what he said wrong. If it was vice versa we would be grinning temple to temple if frank gore said it.

The thing is, Bradshaw is not that good. He isn't "the champ," nor is he "the man."
^^^^ what he said.
Maybe the officials will call it a fumble next time he fumble against us.
Originally posted by NinerG94:
Yeah well Bradshaw proclaiming that it wasn't that hard to put up 100 yards on the 49ers defense wasn't factually correct IMO. It took him 30 carries to do it and he got most of it when the game was out of reach. Screw the Giants! Pray we meet them again in the playoffs.

Man, the Giants' running game dry humped our run defense up and down the field in the second half
Gore > Bradshaw, even Hunter is better. Too bad they didn't run the ball. Failed by the HC and OC.
Yep, it's called bragging rights... Have to beat a champion to be a champion, see ya in the play-offs.
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f**k the Giants and sorry ass Ahmad Bradshaw!
I couldn't care less what he thinks or says.

A lot more trash talking goes on than what was caught on camera. Give me a break, Bradshaw simply spoke the trugh. The Giants are the champs, and it is up to 31 other teams to knock them off of their pedestal.
Good for Bradshaw.....

The Giants pwnd the Niners

He's right.
Originally posted by 9erguy:
Maybe the officials will call it a fumble next time he fumble against us.

Exacting mundo.
Trash talk. Thats all that is....i used to talk the load mess when i played sports, didnt mean anything, just more to throw u off ur game and get u on yours. His mouthpiece was good thow it might have got him more fired up than any game he played this season, he probably wont be that fired up again anymore this regular season...then u know when your up 21 points and u had the best day a RB had against this defense in the last 3 seasons...yeah its just in his nature to be arrogant and talk to the camera alittle...i mean theyre entertainers, glad that we getto play today so we dont have to dwell on his comments cuz we all know how reporters get.....49ERS ALL DAY!!!!! WHOS GOT IT BETTER THAN US ?!!!!! NOBODY!!!!!!
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