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Football Gameplan's 2012 Wk 7 Niners vs Seahawks Video Preview

Good afternoon Niner fans! Good luck this week!

QB's are tied in the "personnel breakdown"!? That makes me sad. And he picked the Seahawks.
Originally posted by verb1der:
QB's are tied in the "personnel breakdown"!? That makes me sad. And he picked the Seahawks.

Ban him
WOW WHAT A COMPLETE JOKE.... really linebackers, QB, and TE all tied......... really, REALLY!

My man just lost all respect as an analysts.
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you the czar of something but it sure aint a playbook after that breakdown.

The only real breakdown was of me breaking down of laughter after you rated the LB, TE, and QB equal. did you know we have PATRICK WILLIS? The second best LB to ever play the game behind Ray Lewis?!
Do the Seahawks even have a Tight End? Not being funny, I cant even figure out who it is.

EDIT: Nevermind, Zach Miller. I thought he was done because of concussions. With that said, not even close to Duke.
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dont quit your day job.
The only thing I agree with is what he said about Special Teams. That to me is going to be key in this game...... Our coverage both on punts and kick offs NEEDS to be tight and cleaned up!
I think it's a decent breakdown. I don't always agree with everything, but it's just opinion. Anyway, our run D has been under performing as of late but our secondary has been balling so far this season. We've held the lead in 4 games this season throughout the game against explosive offenses, and yet we still rank #2 in pass defense. Something we've greatly improved. However, I'm sure Seahawks fans don't agree that our secondary is better than theirs, but so far this season, it is. So far this season, their run defense is better than ours. So, after all, it's a fair assessment.

However, I think our QBing has been much better. Wilson threw for a whopping 400 yards through 3 games, and was 2 TDs with 6 interceptions before he had one good game. One good game doesn't mean anything... Tebow almost threw for 300 yards once.

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