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Who else feels like this is a "must win game?"

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warning tl:dr

this game is not a must win... we are not a great team in 2012 (DUCY?) jk..

But seriously, we are a good ******* team. We might not be dominant but we play tough and that is the type of team I want come playoffs.

I heard a stat that said something to the effect of after playing the niners, the other team has the most people on the injury list the following week (on average). I can guarantee no team is coming into San Fran and thinking they are the favorites, so lets kick some ******* seahawk ass.

Teams are going to get worn down as the season goes on, every team is going to lose players (lewis, revis, cushings). the 49ers are deep enough to play well in last part of the season. The 49ers are good at taking what teams give us and we got away from that against the Giants. The first two drives we moved very effectively against the giants and then stalled (which is fine!). We got away from our game, we stopped taking what they were giving us and just kept pushing the ball down the field. The Giants made it clear they weren't going to let Vernon Davis or Frank Gore beat us.

I am no football expert but what I saw was a team with confidence (the 49ers) playing stupid undisciplined football. The second half was an embarrassment. I heard here on the forums frank gore had 0 carries in the second half? Am I the only one who is pissed off that we have 3 star players not getting any time? On top of that our feature back with 0 carries in the second half ugh

Seriously tho, the Giants game plan was clear, take away Vernon and Frank. They had to be giving us something, can any of you film experts break it down for me? What were the Giants giving us? they had to be doubling Vernon, or chipping him constantly and having there eye on Gore in the backfield because they had absolutely no production.Who was left open? what routes were they giving us?

Oh and to all of you who want to blame Alex, smh. Alex Smith was probably told to go for it all game, his confidence was super high and the coaching staff wanted to see what they had in Alex . Well we found out, we have a guy who can take what the defense is giving us. If you want to call him a game manager than do it. It sure beats games like Phillip Rivers had where he throws 4 picks and the chargers have 5 turnovers in their last 6 possessions in the second half. Alex got away from what made our team great (not all his fault ... coaching). He was trying to force it, instead of taking what they were giving us. The giants had 8 yards in the first quarter.

Alex smith can take what the defense is giving us. I don't want him to force it, that's not how our team is built, its just not! Up until last week when we weren't the cockiest team in football (including alex) our QB was rated #1 by pure stats. Alex , the team, got cocky.

It is time to move on, learn from our mistakes. We need to take what defenses are giving us. We have to many weapons, we create to many match up problems for defenses not to be giving us something. I don't know what it will be against the Seahawks, but I have a feeling they are going to make Alex beat us. Which is fine, I don't think it will take a superman effort, but I do think any time a team makes 1 player have to beat you of course that player has to preform, it doesn't matter that it is a quarterback.

oh and f the hawks
-tl:dr rant

^^^^^^^THIS x10

Excellent Post...They are going to do what the Giants and Minny did. They will try to stop our run, compress the secondary in to cover the short stuff on obvious passing downs. We can't get cute with WildKaep's etc. We have to beat them straight up with what we are good at. We must run the ball and must stick to it or else they will tee off on Alex and it's all over. On obvious passing downs--- screens and draws must become a staple of this offense. Why aren't they already? Don't get into a pattern on offense. Throw on first downs and when they show strong run defense stretch the field. I think this could be a great time to make them deal with Moss. He instantly decompresses the defense forcing a safety deep. We won't be able to make mistakes like turning the ball over or a bunch of stupid penalties like we have had lately. The one thing that concerned me last week was how the defense quite in the forth quarter. What is going on in the heads? The thing that concerns me the most is the prospect of Leonard Davis at right guard. That's two weak links side by side(Goodwin) making pressure up the middle a real possibility all night. Remember Chilo and Adam Snyder. If we loose this game my guess is that this will be the reason. We can only hope that Leonard can road grade all night in the run game, or that Kilgore is more ready than we all think he is...Watch the right guard position early to see how this will unfold...
Meh. This game is important but I wouldn't label it as a must win...
Originally posted by pdizo916:
Meh. This game is important but I wouldn't label it as a must win...

Yep this is it. Very, very rarely is a game this early in the season a must win.
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Originally posted by pdizo916:
Meh. This game is important but I wouldn't label it as a must win...

Yep this is it. Very, very rarely is a game this early in the season a must win.

This... That said, it would really create an uphill battle for the rest of the season if we don't win it.
not must win but need to win, we have no reason to lose this game, we got 99 problem but a seahawk ain't one
I feel like a must win game, but it is also not end of the season if we do lose. Get this win 49ers!
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16 games in a season. all of them are "must win games"
Originally posted by English:
Originally posted by pdizo916:
Meh. This game is important but I wouldn't label it as a must win...

Yep this is it. Very, very rarely is a game this early in the season a must win.

the WZ needs a win...or the MODs will be busy
Last week was a must win game because it would have gone a long way towards proving we are the best team in the league. A win against the Seahawks doesn't prove much of anything.
Back to the ball. And Special Teams needs to get their act together.

the 49ers are best served not worrying about it being a must win game or not. Every game commands 110%.
This game is in No WAY or Form a Must Win, are you kidding me? and our team telling themselves it is a must win only sets them up for failure. We all want to win really really bad. you know since we just got killed last game duh, but its not a must win. its more like: if we lose this game im gonna be real fu&^in mad and feel like we arent that great.. oh wait i already kinda do(thanks to the giants). that said, it will be a dawm shame if we lose back to back games and s**t!..... maybe it is a must win
Division games are so important, they are top priority for "Must win" in my eyes, followed by Conference games that often decides home field advantage in the playoffs with teams with identicial records. I'd rather Niners lose to a AFC team least of all. After last seasons great turn around, I fully expect us to be capable to compete with any team, though Vikes and Giants games showed, we still have work to do.
I think it is a must win. Really don't want us to lose back to back games at home especially to a division rival. The Hawks have been winning with a bit of smoke and mirrors. They could easily be 1-5 but they've managed to win. It's time to knock them back to reality and let them know how's the boss in this division.

Also from a confidence stand point, this game is big for us.

That said, I am confident going into this game. We need to stick to the basics and drop the cutsey pie plays. We are better on both sides of the ball than Seattle. Their offense isn't that good yet.

We've had Seattle's number of late. Praying this trend continues...We need this win.
Every home game is a Must just is!
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