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Willis' reaction to Millen's criticism

Originally posted by ChazBoner:
Willis is a class act. leave him alone.

This. Millen was a fine player but he wasn't a great player. We're not talking about Ken Norton Jr. or Julian Peterson here; guys Willis might have grown up watching.

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I would be pissed off at a loser like Millen.

Hey lets just draft a WR for 3 straight years with our top draft pick. lol
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That's what a competitor does...they get pissed when someone critisizes them. PW is so mad he's going to take his anger out on the chicken hawks and knock the living hell outta Marshmellow Lynch!!! Grrrr!
The Game kind of put Willis on the spot like that. Thats unprofessional, normally a player would be pre-warned that they would have to listen to a audio clip and then respond and they would listen to the clip before the interview even started.

Kind of seemed like PW was blindsided

Whatever though, we'll never know and this doesnt affect my opinion of Willis either way. Just another case of the media making a story of a non story
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
Willis is a class act. leave him alone.

You couldn't have said it any better.
I was very disappointed in the response, especially considering that Millen was Pat and Bow's biggest fan. The truth is, that was the worst game I've seen the two play. Period.

There is no way the Giants should of been able to run all 4th quarter like they did. As a Niner fan and one that brags about our run D, I was embarrassed in such a big game.
Millens? never heard of him
Matt Millen- Great Player, Terrible Talent Evaluator.
I have no problem with PW letting out his emotions, we are all used to his humble side and for him to let it out is a good thing. It is disappointing but it is what it is, That fire inside will explode on thurs and the rest of the players will feed of it.
Patrick was pissed. As was I. Know big deal.

Somebody needs to tell him the Millen is the seacocks running back...
I love these football relevant stories
wtf did willis say?
Originally posted by DonnieDarko:
wtf did willis say?

That he would like to see Matt millen do what he does week in and week out pretty much (not knowing that millen was a former player). Greg papa had to tell him that millen was a former player with multiple rings and played his position and for the 9ers to boot. It was pretty awkward. The game did millen and Willis dirty IMO
He was an outstanding LB and played very well for us.
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