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This is NOT a GREAT TEAM in 2012.

One other item.

The Buffalo Bills of the 80's -90's went to a number of Super Bowls and NEVER won.

They are NEVER in consideration when great teams are mentioned.

You have to win the Big One!
You're right... They're not great, they're ELITE
I actually think it is.
SD being SD.
Last time i checked, great teams make the superbowl
why the unnecessary bump?
Originally posted by pdizo916:
why the unnecessary bump?

Seemed somewhat necessary
OP was way off lol
Our pass rush was better last year. I hope we can put Flacco on his back! go niners

He's usually so positive
He's usually so positive
eh we've all had these moments.
Originally posted by 5280High:
He's usually so positive


Put him in the same classification with the others who were beating up on this team as late as yesterday's game. As much as I love Diego, he says a lot of stuff that is just negative. He's a Negative Nancy. A Debbie Downer. A Detrimental Dan. A Jaundiced Jan.

Clear as mud?
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